Supporting all kind and any size of companies and organizations, which are at the forefront of future technology and disruptive innovation, by delivering strategic advisory expertise in innovation and intellectual property in particular.

Intellectual property potential

Whenever surrounded in an innovative environment, particularly technology driven, it is strongly suggested to have a clear view on the intellectual assets present, as well as to know how to deal with intellectual property issues. A first guidance is given below.

Intellectual assets

  • Know the IP you have
  • Get it right from IP creation
  • Manage IP portfolio efficiently
  • Generate revenue from IP
  • Be prepared and look ahead for IP enforcement


  • From IPR assessment to exploitation plan
  • Corporate IP awareness and engagement
  • Install, explore and use IP toolbox
  • Connect to IP experts from the field

Intellectual property value

Since investments in technology and innovation usually require a long-term vision and a considerable amount of budget consistently, the question is really how to finally benefit from this huge effort. In other words, how can the intellectual property that is built out throughout the years, eventually be valorized and lead to financial profit.

What is the market for ideas?

Open innovation leading to licensing revenue: due to the growing interest in collaboration platforms, and having realized the advantages involved, open innovation models increasingly lead to licensing agreements between connected parties

Creating value through portfolio alignment matching intellectual property rights with products or services and client’s need: apart from the core business, other existing technology developed within the company might be subject to a separate commercial track, whenever the outside need for this technology has been identified

Infringement & enforcement: well-known lawsuits explicitly represent the numbers that may be coupled to IP rights enforcement and infringement cases, however it is generally recommended first trying to resolve settlement disputes rather than going to court.