For first aid assistance in intellectual property related issues, INTELLECTUAL MATTERS proposes a simple IP checklist including a few guidelines in response to FAQs.


Further, INTELLECTUAL MATTERS may offer support in any of the identified intellectual property topics depicted in overview given beneath.


For example, INTELLECTUAL MATTERS may assist to:

  • Perform business-driven portfolio management, by understanding client’s needs and developing roadmaps of change realizing benefit
  • Identify decisions on IP in the product development process
  • Support in the entrepreneurial program for starters, by making modern industry leaders and bright upcoming researchers aware of the hidden asset that intellectual property represents
  • Explore the licensing potential of the client’s technology
  • Consider multi-party collaborations or strategic alliances

A particular intellectual property support (e.g. study, analysis, policy or process development) may be determined immediately from the client’s identified need.

Alternatively, in-depth support on a specific IP-topic may result out of a company scan performed in advance, using a scan model as schematically represented below, developed by INTELLECTUAL MATTERS.


Through an objective assessment of the client’s existing business and IP status, taking into account socio-economic challenges and opportunities, while facing technology barriers and exploring solutions, the strategic technology plan may be aligned with the broader business goals in an innovative way.